Hey hi hello! I’m Meghan and I’m an actress, content creator, and culinary enthusiast. I’ve been sharing the ups and downs of my life with the internet since 2010 through my YouTube channel, documenting my awkward teenage years for the whole world to see.

martie. is my passion project. I want this to be the place where you go to buy your new favorite everything! I want to give you the rings you never take off, the notebook that’s filled to the brim, the oven mitt that’s covered in flour, the water bottle you carry in your bag every day, your pencils with chewed erasers. Everything is intentionally made to make you look and feel like you have your shit together, even if you’re freaking out on the inside. It’s the things that you love and treasure, but the things that you are always using. Why not have the things you use all the time spark joy?